Sunday, February 08, 2009


a fashion night by Foreign Trip
Friday. 6/02/09.
was the loveliest night for us
at oenpao restaurant, kemang
7-12 pm

As sending our new collection to walk on a red carpet was a great great deal that people could see, we're very sorry that we haven't posted our new collection yet but as soon as the photos arrived we'll post it right away. While waiting for the photos to come, we would like to report what's on the shows, let's check these out :

0. we would like to thank to mr. angga and mr. itop for their kindess, giving their best shots for the lightings

1. for the great opening, we would like to thank to Flap Jack, in their temporary formation that night their giving a different stuff than their usual performance but still nice to listen! thank you

2. thanks to Bello and His Belly for giving their nice and unique tunes as a second performance opening, (fyi we really love it) for further infos of this nice nice band check them out on their myspace, you won't regret.

3. also thanks to Old Paper with their interesting performance, especially mr.vocalist who made our evening more fun

4. Thanks to Bedroom the acoustic always sounds perfect in any occasion guys!

5. thanks to Dried Cassava for the nicey nice songs and a great profesional voice of mr.baskoro the vocalist

6. also thanks to Prohibition Movement for their great performance as always and also thank you for singing with the most beautiful voice in our event ms. ririn

for now, that's the first report from our first launching :
we bet you found your own treasure in our event, because we did
(and always, your presence are one of our treasure till today and we really thankful for that)

wait for the second review guys, thank you!


hanadameria said...

kyknya foto kita blm pernah mampang ya hahahahahah

Emmet said...

hi there!
i have asked couple of my friends from hollands and from my blog to check out your products....i think you should go big!